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Well, the conference was a blast, and I remembered my character’s names and the story line for my pitch but let’s put a pin in that for now, shall we.

The Wind-Up (aka, the conference)

It was awesome but far too short. This newbie soaked in the info like a sponge. They threw loads of great material at me – POP – BIFF – KAPOW! I caught it all. For those of you who didn’t grow up watching The Batman Show, you’ve missed some seriously good TV. All I can say is “Holy Sedatives,” you had a boring childhood. I mean really, where else can you hear a man in tights say such profound words like

“We’ve come a long way from the Prime Minister’s exploding cake. Or have we?”

But I digress. I met some talented people, and I hope made good friends as well.


The Pitch

(See what I did there, my husband will be proud that I know football as well as I do. Ah, just kiddin’ honey, I know those phrases come from hockey.)

Seriously, though, I sat across from an agent, a lovely young lady, by the way, and pitched my story. She, of course, had some critical things to say, it wasn’t all flowers and rainbows. But at the end…

She requested the first three chapters!

Oh, happy day! I was stunned. I never expected it. That’s when I had to look her in the eye and explain how I’m a newbie, and the pitch was intended to be practice for me, and my books not quite finished yet. She very graciously told me to send the pages when I do have them finished and properly edited. That’s nice. I doubt she’ll remember our little talk by that time, but it does give me hope for the future. I will send her my pages as soon as possible.

One step closer to being, Tina Bruner, Author, instead of Tina Bruner, Writer.


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