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A great morning ruined by an email and the resulting fear that seized my heart.   We received an email this morning from our agency referring to a $300 fee to review our homestudy.  This is after we paid $600 to our social worker for a homestudy update.  Will the bleeding ever stop?

Now for those who don’t know, we went from a 2 year window to save for the adoption to getting the thousands we need in a matter of months.   Sierra is a gift from God.  He has chosen this child for us and we are obediently and prayfully following Him.  But satan still gets his toe in the door and wheedles his way in.   I was reading a blog this morning and the topic of her post was fear.  I had to read on,  I empathized with her.  She started her post with this scripture:

Phillippians 4:5-6, “Do not fear what is to come, but instead pray about everything, with a thankful heart, make your requests known to God in prayer, and the peace of God which is beyond all you can understand will protect your heart and your mind through Jesus Christ.”

Wow.  That’s what I needed.  This negative thinking will only cause me pain, I need to stay focused on Him.


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