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Just when you think God has given you all the blessings He can, He throws another one at you.   I know – God is bigger than any box I could put Him into.

There are no words to describe how blessed we feel.  We have been in contact with our daughters English teacher in the orphanage.  His name is Michael and he is my new best friend!  I doubt he feels that way though, I’m trying very hard not to impose on his time.  It’s like dropping water into a parched mouth, one can’t live on a single drop, you need more and more…


We have communicated a couple times through Facebook and he has been so helpful.  For my anxious heart ever tidbit of information is so very precious.  Of course, our daughter doesn’t even know we exist at this point because our approval from China has not come through yet.  Once we are approved he will talk to her and tell her all about us.  He will be a wonderful bridge between us.  Somehow she doesn’t feel so far away anymore – is she really on the other side of the world?  Yes, but in my heart she’s a lot closer.

One thing he told us is that in China, Xi Rui (prounced she ray), goes by Sierra.  Isn’t that pretty?  I also found pictures on his facebook of her but I can’t post them until we have received our approval from China.  I can’t wait to show her off to the world, she is so beautiful.

Michael, if you read this – again I say thank you for your time.


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