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Wish me luck…

I’m in the process of writing my first book. I say it that way to boost my confidence that this project will ever see the light of day. Of course I think it’s good, I wrote it. Let’s see what a group of Literary Agents think about it this weekend.

I’m attending my first writers conference and I’m pretty nervous about it. I went into this thinking it would be good practice to sit in front of an agent and pitch my book. Now? I don’t even know what my book is about?  Seriously.

“Um, it’s about this girl, I don’t recall her name but she meets this guy, um, his name is Bob, Fred, no, wait. I got it… no, I forgot it again. Thank you for your time, please throw my business card in the trash on the way out.”

I’m sure I will sound like a babbling idiot. Good news is that this agent probably won’t see me again anyway.

Breath and have fun, that’s my mantra.

Ack *choking* … can’t breath…

be continued…


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