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Oh to be young again *sign*

It doesn’t seem that long ago that I was listening to my kids outside yelling and playing – and it was OK.  Now, my youngest child is still young, she is 11 so she still plays outside and being a girl, she tends to want to scream for no reason.  (Why is that?  I never did that as a little girl, what’s the point?)

I instantly tell her “Knock it off – no one wants to hear that!”

I think that should have been my first clue that I was becoming “that” lady.

You know who I’m talking about, every neighborhood has one.  She sit inside just waiting for the kids to sound like their having a good time and then she strikes.  Worse yet, DON’T GO ON HER LAWN!  Whew.

I feel the need to share with you that I am not old, my daughter, although adopted, wasn’t brought into a family of blue-haired parents with tennis balls on their walkers.  I can still digest raw veggies too, thank you very much!  My point is, am I getting old or am I just crabby?

Do the neighborhood kids really need to scream when they play?  Does anyone really like that anyway?  The little kids around the corner are too little to be riding their bike all the way around the other corner – their parents have no way of seeing them at all.  I’ve had to watch out for them on several occasions in my car and it’s NOT EVEN May.  Seriously, where’s their parents?

OK, so I’m thinking I’m just crabby.  BUT STAY OFF MY LAWN ANYWAY, ya nipper snapper.


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Best Day Ever

I mentioned in my last post about posting a comment on an author’s blog about how much I loved her book – WELL!  I spent the better part of yesterday afternoon talking with her.  We emailed back and forth discussing several deleted scenes from the book that she was so kind to send me.  I HAD THE BEST TIME OF MY LIFE.  I spend all night referring to her as “my friend the author.”

“I should probably start dinner now, I’m sure “my friend, the author” will be preparing dinner soon also.”  I wonder if “my friend, the author” has seen this video of the sneezing panda?  I’m sure she would enjoy it.”

Master Piece Theatre voice is the best when trying to sound haughty taughty (yeah, you heard me.)

The book is called “Along The Way Home” by Christi Corbett.  It’s a very good read – I couldn’t put it down.  I love historical romances, especially if they involve wagon trains.  I am holding my breath for the next book in the series, “Tainted Dreams.”  It can’t get here fast enough.  Release date is May 12th.

Besides the book being really good, the author is a very warm and funny woman.  I’m now part of her Facebook group — for members only I might add.  I feel like I made it up to the tree house and I know the secret handshake.  *deep sign of contentment* 

Life is good.

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I recently posted a comment on an authors blog about how absolutely wonderful her book was.  After I posted it I said to myself, “Self, you are a pathetic at maintaining this blog.”  Now, I never intend for anyone besides myself to read this, someday my kids might like it – they’d laugh at how horrible my punctuation was, I’m horrible at it.  Do I put too many coma’s in, what’s the dash for anyway.  I know where the periods go – take that!    Anyway, I’m not writing to win a prize or become famous, I’m simply writing to share my thought with whomever finds it.

Maybe I can post more often than every 5 years – just sayin’

  …at the conclusion of the last post, her oldest daughter was 12 years old…  she is now 17 and driving a car and her parents crazy… we now resume our regularly scheduled blog.

(You absolutely have to read that last part like a stuffed shirt TV announcer from BBC – it makes it more fun.)

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