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It’s been a while…

Okay, I realize it’s been WAY too long since I posted last – but I’ve been busy!

  • I’ve taught my newest daughter from China (whose 12) English.
  • I’ve struggled to maintain a sense of birth order between my Sierra, our newest daughter and Lily the baby of the family.
  • Getting assistance in public school for Sierra proves to be a bit more difficult that expected.  You just can’t test a native Chinese speaking child with an English speaking Hispanic.   She doesn’t need an Chinese translator to understand the testing proctor, she needs an English translator!!!
  • Spent a couple weeks traveling up to Chicago while my husband was in the hospital – he’s okay – now!
  • Celebrated a lot of firsts:  First Birthday in America, first Thanksgiving, first Christmas and first Chinese New Year.
  • Packed up my youngest Son for a 6-week mission trip to Calcutta, India.  We are now on week 2.
  • My Orphan Ministry at our Church is growing!
  • All of this and laundry, cooking, cleaning, homework, work, etc.

Like I said, I’ve been busy!

Our daughter Sierra is doing awesome in school – all A’s and B’s!  She blends right in with our family and I can’t image a day without her being with us – although it would be MUCH quieter!!


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