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How disappointing was it to find out we couldn’t post while in China.  Thanks to FaceBook, we could still update our friends with the goings on with the Bruner’s.

Now that we are home things are settling down, we have developed a routine that helps Sierra know what to expect from day to day.  After breakfast we spend an hour or so on school work.  Lily is having fun with this, especially because Mommy is the teacher.  Sierra is learning new words everyday.

So far the girls enjoy playing together, how long this will last is anyone’s guess.  Right now I just enjoy the harmony of my girls getting to know each other.


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Sierra here we come – 5 more days and we get to see you and hold you.  We love you.

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We received word today that our homestudy and updated Visa 37 is on it’s way to the National Visa Center.  The NVC is in New Hampshire – from there it will be faxed to the American Consulate in Guanzghou, PRC.  This all needs to happen before June 22.  We are leaping out in faith that everything will happen as it’s suppose to.

We booked our flight to China – we leave on Thursday, June 11.   I’m not sure when we get Sierra yet but I’ll keep you posted.

Praise God, for His miracle never cease.

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Well, to continue the saga of our homestudy lost in space, if we fail to “get it right” this next time they could deny us.  What does that mean?  No one really knows for sure – and I don’t want to find out.

If USCIS would stop changing the rules on us it would be really helpful.  I have also learned of a new development in China that will have a great impact on us if we do not get Sierra out of there by July 1.

This was posted on our orphanage yahoo group:

So the US government has thrown another curveball to adopting parents before we can bring our children home. In case you have not heard, beginning July 1st, all children adopted from China between the ages of 2-14 must have a TB test at the medical exam in Guangzhou. If the test site shows a reaction, a chest x-ray must be performed before bringing the child home. If the test and/or x-ray are fine, then you get your child’s visa and can come home. Otherwise you have to have another test. If TB is shown, you could be in China for 6 months while your child is on meds.

WHAT???  Please God, work a miracle and get our paperwork approved soon so we can bring our daughter home by the end of the month!!!

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Lost in Space

Yeah, we got our consulate appt in China – June 22!  Boo, UPS never delivered our updated immigration paperwork to the Chicago USCIS office.  Copies have been overnighted to them from FRC – Family Resource Center – the absolute best adoption agency in the world.

Stay tuned to the continuing saga of immigration paperwork  —  Lost in Space!

(obviously, or maybe not obvious to my readers, I have choosen to keep my sense of humor about this!)

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God’s Hand

As I look back at our adoption journey I see God’s hand gently on our back guiding us as you would a young child.  We are His children after all and allowing Him to guide us is the best – yet hardest place to be.  Now don’t get me wrong, being in the Lord’s will is awesome but not easy.

To quote a song that has helped me so much:

“…He never promised the cross would not get heavy and the hill would not be hard to climb.  He never offered victory without fighting but He said help would always come in time.  Just remember when you’re standing in the valley of decision and the adversary says give in  –  Just hold on, our Lord will show up and He will take you through the fire again.”

He always shows up just in time doesn’t He?  Our journey to Sierra has taken quite a few turns, bumps not to mention YEARS!  But His timing is perfect and He never promised it would be easy to do His will.  Just hang on baby ’cause God is gonna do some movin’ and shakin’ in your life if you follow Him.  It’s a narrow path so worthy of taking.

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