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Josh is doing very well after surgery, I can’t believe it’s almost been three weeks.  He started meeting with his tutor last week and has done quite a bit of homework – I think out of shear boredom.

Yesterday he went to church for the first time and I think that was really good for him.  He is going a little stir crazy and feels he knows more about what he should or shouldn’t do rather than the surgeon.  It’s too bad the surgeon doesn’t have as big of a brain as Josh!!!!!!!!!

I know that it’s just out of frustration that he complains and yes, I admit I am a little over protective as well.  We go back to the dr. on April 15 so maybe I can lighten up a bit.  We can only home right?


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What’s the latest??   Not much!

We have filled out a gazillion more forms, updated documents and resent old documents that needed clarification or so USCIS claims anyway.

We are still waiting on our official letter of approval from China with the correct agency name listed on it.  Once we have received this document we then sign it and send it back to them.  They in turn send us our “travel approval” letter which takes 4-6 weeks to receive.  THEN we finanally travel 3 or 4 weeks later.

I really shouldn’t complain about how long it takes to do the paperwork in China – they always make sure that every i is dotted and ever t is crossed – I’m sure this has to go a long way to protecting the children of their country.  It’s just so hard to be on this side of the world from her.

New pictures!!!!!!

I love this picture, she looks so angelic.  I wonder how that will last after she comes home?

I love this picture, she looks so angelic. I wonder how that will last after she comes home?

Doesn't she look so tall?

Doesn't she look so tall?


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A friend gave Lily 2 goldfish a couple weeks ago – Lily wanted to name them after the 3 good fairies in Sleeping Beauty – Flora, Fauna and Merryweather – alas we had to go out and buy a third one.

Well you know how it goes with goldfish, they usually don’t last long but who knew we would have to send Lily into the grieving process three times in one weekend.   I’m sorry to say, Saturday, Fauna died.  We sent her to the sea via toilet – to be with Nemo.

Since I had the bowl out in the kitchen anyway, I thought it would be a good idea to clean it out especially since one of them died anyway.  What I didn’t know was that you can’t just take tap water that has set out even for a couple days and add fish to it.  It’s kinda scary how there are too many chemicals in the water that WE DRINK for fish to live!  AAAAHHHH!

I assume you can see where I’m going here – Sunday we woke to find that Flora and Merryweather had also passed on to the big aquarium in the sky.  They too are now with Nemo, swimming freely in the sea that apparently to a 5 year old brings fish back to life!  Who’s gonna tell her?  Not me.

We are now proud to announce:  Flora, Fauna and Merryweather…the sequel.  Swimming happily in their bowl this morning – minus the chemicals and toxins in our tap water!!

Life is good in the little room in the corner of our house.  Oh to be 5 again.

Lily at Perry Farm - Marcy 09

Lily at Perry Farm - Marcy 09

Goofy pose for a goofy girl

Goofy pose for a goofy girl


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Josh was released from the hospital on Monday.  He is doing very well.  Vision still a little blurred, left side of his head is hypersensitive to touch but will eventually get better as the nerves heal.  His pain has been managed very well at home.


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Joshua has been diagnosed with Chairi (key r ee) I Malformation.  To put it in layman terms, his brain is too big for his head and it is coming out the bottom of the skull and pressing on his spinal cord.  Brain surgery is the only option to fix this before permanent damage to the nerves or spine.

Surgery will be soon.  According to the surgeon, a malformation of 3 mm is significant.  Josh’s malformation is 7mm on one side and 8 mm on the other.

Please remember us in prayer during this time.  We are trying to juggle surgery, adoption, 2 week trip to China soon and weeks of recuperation for Josh.  It is all very overwhelming.

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