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We are so excited and blessed to finally announce that our Letter of Approval from China has come through.  Today, February 9, 2009 I can proudly proclaim that I am the mother of 4 beautiful children.  God is good – all the time – all the time – God is good.

At last I can share with the world my absolutely beautiful daughter – drum roll please…..


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My Favorite Things

If Oprah can do an entire show about her favorite things, I guess I can do a blog about it – difference is everyone that reads my blog doesn’t get free stuff!

These are in no order – just random thoughts of my favorite things – no Mom, I don’t like coffee more than you.  (Like my Mom is ever going to be on-line to read this, I’m sure she thinks that being “on-line” means you are literally standing on a line – HA. ) Great, somehow she’ll find out about this and realize that I’m making fun of her to potentially thousands of people.  Crap!    Anyway, I digress…  my favorite things [love you Mom ;-)]

Chapstick – I should really buy stock in the company, I have tubes laying all over the place but I can never find one when I really need some – Jeanette, you know what I mean.  I guess chapstick would fall under my husbands least favorite things because I tend to slather on a half tube or so at night before bed and then give him a big smooch – it’s pretty fun, he hates it.  Which now as I am typing, I realize that maybe it’s not so much the chapstick itself but what I do with it that bugs my husband – I am seeing myself in a whole new light – I think I have issues – I may need counseling – or if I keep typing I’ll probably work them out myself…


Coffee – the juice of the gods.



I am the luckiest woman alive!

I am the luckiest woman alive!

Friends –


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