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I am the luckiest woman alive!

I am the luckiest woman alive!

It’s my birthday today and as I sit here looking at “my family” in cartoon form I realize how blessed I am to be the wife and mother of these beautiful people.   Each one adds so much joy to my life, I can’t image life without them.  Even though Xi Rui (my ballerina) doesn’t even know that she has a family waiting for her yet, she is so much a part of our life.  I love you all my wonderful family!


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It’s been so cold here in Illinois that I fired up the gas fireplace this morning and let Lily get dressed in front of the fire – Sampson our dog appreciated the warm spot on the carpet as well.

While I was sitting with her (warming myself), she asked if Santa was gonna get stuck in our fireplace?  You see, we have a vent-free gas fireplace and it has a metal grate across the entire front.  She was concerned that he won’t be able to get out of the fireplace because of the grate.  I told her that Santa can open it from the inside and he will put it back when he leaves.   She was thankful that he wont’ get stuck and not be able to deliver her gifts.  I’m not sure if she was concerned over his safety or her presents – I’m guessing the latter.  “So Santa will put everything back on the fireplace before he goes up the chimney?”  I told her yup, you’ll never know that he was even here – except of course for the presents and the cookie crumbs left over.

Now, if you didn’t catch it earlier, we have a VENT-FREE gas fireplace – there is no chimney!  Obviously she doesn’t realize this.  All the better!!

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New boots for Lily means of course, she want to wear them in the snow – logical yes, but we have no snow so she looks like a goof ball flopping down the street in boots that I have to admit are slightly too big for her – I want them to last all winter.

Yesterday it was raining so I told her that she could wear her boots.  “Put your shoes in your backpack and when you get to school, you take off your boots and put your shoes on.”  Simple right?  Wrong!!

“Mommy, I can’t do that.  Grandma Phyllis won’t let me put my shoes in my backpack!”

Now I’m sure that our daycare provider, Grandma Phyllis, really doesn’t care about shoes in backpacks but Lily is concerned over following ALL rules to the tee and heaven help us if we ask her to do something that may push the envelope per se of breaking a rule.

Long story short, she wore her regular shoes and the boots stayed home.  If I would have known it was going to be such a big deal, I would have told her to do this earlier.  We are going to have to clear up the whole Grandma Phyllis thing before we do get snow though.

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My girl…

Born November 26, 1997 she lived with her parents until they died in a traffic accident in 1998.  Her Grandfather took her in and she lived with him until he was finacially and physically unable to care for her and decided to forfeit his right of custody on August 26, 2006.  Now she resides at the Luoyang Children’s Welfare Institute.

Chinese translation into English cracks me up – this is how they describe her.

“Today she is pretty, quiet and genteel girl with big eyes and good-looking cheeks.  She laughs very often.  When she laughs two dimples appear on her cheek and make her very charming.”

She loves reading books, listening to music, watching TV and playing games.  She is a good student in all courses and scores are at the top of the class.  Teachers and peers all love her.  She is a bright, loving and adorable child.

“She is hoping to be adopted by a foreign family so that she can have her own home with warm and loving parents.”

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Well, our adoption journey has come to a fork in the road.  Which way to go, what way is the right way.  We have prayerfully considered all the options and have decided that the Lord is leading us down the right path, figuratively and spiritually.

I received an email on Monday, November 24 with the subject line:

Emergency Adoption-Aging out healthy kids from China…

Of course I immediately opened it and unknowingly opened the door for our new daughter.

2 years ago – actually 1 year, 11 months, 2 weeks and 5 days ago – but whose counting right??? – we started our adoption journey and requested a baby, just like we did when we adopted Lily 5 years ago.  Truly we never considered anything else at the time.   Well, the wait has been especially hard on me – Greg was willing to wait it out.  In reality, if we maintained our adoption in the non-special needs program, we would be waiting another 1-2 years.  My frustration to the wait has led me to many waiting children sites, groups and email lists.

I have to tell you as soon as I saw Xi Rui’s picture on the agency website, I thought,  “There she is!  My daughter.”  WOW! She’s 11 years old, what happened to my baby?  I have to honest here, the last several months I have been questioning whether I have the energy for a baby.  This to me is HUGE, I never thought I’d out grow the “baby stage.”  When my friends were saying how glad they were that they didn’t have bottles, and diapers and lotions laying all around the house, I was still clinging to them (well, clean diapers at least, not the stinky ones.)

Isn’t it amazing that God can be in the middle of doing a great work in your life and you don’t even realize it?

Back to our adoption journey…

We filled out the paperwork, and overnighted it to the agency today.  We now wait again.  AARRGGHH!

China has to officially approve us to adopt Xi Rui.  Then, it will be official and we can travel to get her.  The agency thought that if all goes well, we could be traveling as soon as March, 2009.

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Is it a God thing or do you believe in coincidences?

The day we filled out the paperwork to officially request to adopt Xi Rui was her 11th birthday.

Either way, it gives me chills.


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