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A child sees the world differently than an adult.  We can experience the same things but see them totally different.  As a started my day today, I went through the normal motions, “hurry and eat, hurry and dress, did you brush your teeth?  Quit playing and get your backpack…”  What I realize is that my lack of planning (actually, my pushing the snooze button) has not only disrupted my day, but has added stress and pressure on the entire family.  It is a true trickle down theory!

My goal is to unselfishly GET UP with my alarm, not selfishly lay there a pathetic 10 more minutes.  I need to try and see things as Lily would see them.  Open my eyes and heart to the wonders of this world.  A blob of syrup on the kitchen table to me looks like a sticky mess but to a 5 year old it can look like a Mickey Mouse head – the ultimate in hidden Mickeys!

I challenge you to see the world through a childs eyes – of course, GET UP on time so your rushed life doesn’t trickle down into a stressed child!


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My family just joined Soldiers’ Angels  (http://soldiersangels.org/).  This is an organization that connects private citizens with a soldier abroad.  We are so excited about sending some love and encouragement oversees to a military hero.

There are a lot of soldiers left to help out.  Join up today and make a lonely (maybe even forgotten) soldier a part of your family.

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I know we all do it from time to time.  God why?

In the last 2 years I’ve done my share – plus a bunch of other peoples shares of asking why (please don’t grade my grammar 🙂

While sitting in church one Sunday, someone (God – no one else was around me at the time) whispered in my ear, “adoption.”  I physically was shaken by this.  I remember it so well, I started crying immediately and telling God, NO.  Don’t ask me to do this, please.

Now, before you click off this blog and tell the world how horrible I am.  Let me explain.

In 2004 we adopted the most beautiful 8 month old baby girl from a Chinese orphanage.  The paperwork was trying, the waiting was hard, the travel was uncomfortable, the country was tolerable, the people in China was friendly, the baby…

WONDERFUL!  The absolute best thing we could have done.  We never looked back with regret about anything.  She is truly heaven sent.

Then what’s the problem you say?  I has nothing to do with “adoption”, it has everything to do with me.  I’m 40 years old, I have a 20 year old son, a 16 year old son and Lily who just started kindergarden.  I don’t know no if I have the energy for a baby again.

I prayed over and over again for God to take this away – don’t ask me to do this.   A friend of mine at work told me, “maybe you need to change your prayer.”  I did.  I asked God to give me a heart for this, give me a desire to go through all the paperwork, the wait, the travel, the diapers…

God is good.  He did change my heart.  The most incredible thing about this was when I asked my husband about adopting again.  He was surprised.  I have made it very well know since we got back to the states that I got my girl, I’m happy and I don’t want to jump through those hoops again.  What shocked me was – He said to me, “Adopting again has been on my heart and mind alot the last couple months, but I didn’t say anything to you because I knew how you felt about it.”

WOW!  God was working on both of us!  This was something that He wanted us to do, so… we did it.

But, again, my human mind is questioning God.  My biggest concern about adopting again was my age and yet, the process has slowed down so much that now I’m 2 years older since we started the process and still NO BABY!!!!!!!

My next post will be Part Two:  Medical Miracles

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Revising my motto

I used to say, eat it today, because tomorrow I diet!  That was all well and good when I was in the 20’s and 30’s.  Something happened when I turned 40!  Ok, I know I’m not alone here but since this is a one way conversation, let’s just say “IT’S ALL ABOUT ME!!!!  Get out the violin and play some soulful music for me.

I’ve gained weight!  I need to lose at least 20-25 pounds.  Chocolate is not an obsession with me, it’s a way of life.  What will I hang my clothes on now that I need to use the treadmill in the corner?  Diet really is a 4-letter word.

AAHHH, now that I got that out of my system – I feel refreshed, I feel like chocolate!  AAAHHH  change is hard.

My husband and I have joined our local YMCA.  We will start their “Biggest Loser” program on September 20.  I really am excited about it.  We need to develop a healthier life style.  The fact that we do not smoke or drink has been positive on our health but our stressful, stagnate lifestyle is hurting us.  If our bodies are God’s temple, then we really need to give God the best temple possible.

I give my mind, body and soul to Christ.  I can do anything through Christ which gives me strength.

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It’s Friday!

Last weekend I painted our family room, just weekend we probably should clean out the garage!  ugh.  Maybe it will rain “””Please rain””””

It’s pretty yucky outside right now, rainy and cool.  I would give anything to be at home curled up with a good book right now – but alas (I’m pretty dramatic today), I’m at work!

Last night we drove to Joliet to see Brian Regan.  He is a hilarious comedian!  Very funny but also clean, sometimes you get those comedians that swear every other word, THAT’S NOT FUNNY.

Our daughter started her second gymnastics class last night.  Our son took her – wow, was that odd to think my baby boy (I know, I know, he’s 16) can drive his sister around like that.  I am getting old.

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Hello World

Ready or not, here I come – into the blogging world.  Yesterday was my husbands birthday, we had a nice dinner out with the kids.

Posts have come through yesterday that referrals for LID through Feb. 9, 2006 have been received.  We are LID December 14, 2006  😦

We continue to wait and wait and wait.  It’s very odd, the time seems to slip by so quickly, yet, in the same way it seems to stand still.  It took 5 months for China to work through all the dossiers for January 2006.  In the mean time, I’ve seen my youngest son get his first job, driver license and his first car.  My daughter has started Kindergarden and my puppy has thankfully figured out the whole potty training thing.

This last baby will be the end of my patience and she hasn’t even come home yet.  I’d like to string up all the people who say that adoption is easier than having children through “natural” methods.  Do I seem alittle bitter?  Maybe just a little!  I know breath!  Relax!  I have to keep reminding myself that God is in control and his timing is perfect!

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